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Product Highlights

Single premium immediate annuity
Issue Ages: 0-85

Customer Needs

Designed for conservative investors seeking:

  • Guaranteed lifetime income
  • Competitive payouts
  • Supplement to retirement income Funds for early retirement
  • Funds to pay life insurance premiums

Three Good Reasons to Sell Our Ultra-Income® Product

  1. It provides flexible payout options
  2. There are no sales or administration charges
  3. It provides cost-of-living adjustments


Payments must begin within 13 months following purchase date.

Policy Minimum

$10,000 initial premium

$100 per month minimum payout

Training Opportunities

Helping you expand your knowledge and grow your annuity business.

Download the Fixed Annuity training module.


Surrender Charges – N/A

Other Charges – N/A

Waivers of Surrender Charges – N/A

Death Benefit


Other Features

0%-6% COLA adjustments

Impaired-risk underwriting available

Flexible payment frequency

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Issue ages: 0-85
  • Policy minimum: $10,000 initial premium; $100 minimum monthly payout

Licensing Requirements

  • State insurance license
  • Appointed with United of Omaha


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