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Mutually Invested in Long-Term Care

Together, we share a mutual investment in helping people protect their families, their finances and their futures with long-term care insurance.

At Mutual of Omaha, we’ve been invested in LTCi for 30 years. And while some companies have left the marketplace, we’re not going anywhere. We’re committed to this product line. We’re also totally invested in your success.

Cost of Care Calculator

A long-term care policy is a good way to help your clients: avoid having to rely on family members for care, remain in their homes as long as possible and protect their retirement nest egg.

MutualCare Secure Solution

A good fit for:
  • Customers looking for easy-to-understand benefits.
  • Agents looking for a simple design and traditional benefits.

MutualCare Custom Solution

A good fit for:
  • Customers who want to customize a policy.
  • Agents looking for a product with strong premium solve capability.

Product Highlights

Policies in the MutualCare Portfolio contain many of the same features.

Benefits may vary by state.

Cash Benefit with No Elimination Period

Provides cash to pay for any cost associated with LTC expenses.

Monthly Benefit Amount

Allows greater flexibility to maximize policy benefits.

Calendar-Day Elimination Period

Provides reimbursement benefits sooner.

Stay-at-Home Benefits

Includes multiple benefits to help people stay at home as long as possible.

Inflation Protection Options as Low as 1%

Allows you to reach a client’s desired premium.

Partner-Friendly Benefits

Includes benefits for partners who purchase identical coverage.

Partnership-Qualified Policies

Gives LTCi policyholders a Medicaid safety net.

No Cap on Premium Allowances

Provides maximum savings by giving clients all allowances they’re eligible to receive.



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