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According to a 2017 report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, almost 70 percent of people over age 65 will require chronic care later in life - for an average of three years. And 20 percent of those individuals will need that care for longer than five years. The Long-Term Care Rider can help clients plan for these expenses.

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How it Works

Learn how the Long-Term Care rider works and how it can benefit your clients.

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The Cost of LTC Services

Most people have no idea how expensive long-term care services are. You can easily look up the current costs of care and estimate future costs with our easy-to-use calculator. Or, if you prefer, use the cost of care brochure.



Before You Get Started

Familiarize yourself with these three important pieces before talking with a client.

State-specific materials are used in some states and are available on Forms & Materials.


Are You Ready to Sell?

Licensing, training and continuing education requirements for selling the LTC Rider.

LTC Rider Info & UW Guide

Product information, definitions and underwriting guidelines you'll need to sell the LTC Rider.

LTC Rider Client Brochure

How will your clients handle the need for long-term care if it arises? Use this brochure with clients to discuss this need and the LTC Rider as a possible solution.


Selling the LTC Rider

Here are a few quick reads that will prepare you for LTC Rider discussions with your clients.


Help Preserve Your Client's Estate

This case study examines the impact the Long-Term Care Rider can make for a client's estate, using two contrasting scenarios.

Selling to Younger Clients

Examines the advantages of purchasing a Long-Term Care Rider at a younger age, including a case study.

Chronic Illness Rider Back-up

How the Chronic Illness Rider can serve as a back-up for the LTC Rider if your client doesn't qualify for it - includes a case study.

Reimbursement vs Indemnity

Fully understand the differences between the two LTC Rider models - reimbursement vs indemnity.

Chronic Illness Rider or LTC Rider

Which is right for your client - Chronic Illness Rider or LTC Rider? Here's a thorough comparison of both.

State Availability

State Availability

Check to see where the Long-Term Care Rider is approved for sale.

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