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Our full line of life insurance products allows you to help clients protect their families and businesses.

Term Life Products

Term life insurance provides affordable protection for temporary needs

Term Life Product Details

Permanent Life Products

Permanent life insurance provides both death and living benefits to cover expected and unexpected life events

Indexed UL

Indexed universal life insurance is permanent life insurance that provides a guaranteed death benefit with cash value growth tied to a market index.

Current Assumption UL

Current Assumption Universal Life Insurance offers a death benefit and a cash value that accumulates based on a declared interest rate.

Guaranteed UL

Guaranteed death benefit with guaranteed level premiums for a period longer than a typical term policy

Whole Life

Permanent protection, featuring affordable premiums that won't change as clients grow older and cash values that build over time.



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Current Interest Rates

Effective May 1, 2021

For current interest rates, update Winflex.

AccumUL Answers


Income Advantage IUL

100% Part, 10% Cap

140% Part, 7% Cap

50% Part, Uncapped

3.00% Fixed Rate

Life Protection Advantage IUL

100% Part, 8.5% Cap

140% Part, 6% Cap

40% Part, Uncapped

2.75% Fixed Rate

Indexed Universal Life Express

100% Part, 9.25% Cap

140% Part, 6.5% Cap

45% Part, Uncapped

2.75% Fixed Rate

GUL Express




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