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DI Success Tips

An underwriting training series designed to help you grow your field expertise and get DI business issued.

 Check out our short monthly underwriting topics. They'll provide important insights to help you increase your success in the field. Also, quarterly webinars and videos will cover key topics in more depth. All lessons will be archived here so you can view them at any time.

Let DI Success Tips help you learn on-the-go and grow your DI business!

  • Getting Started-Client Conversation: Flyer
  • Alcohol and Drug Addiction, Sleep Apnea, Weight: Flyer
  • Applications - Avoiding Common Mistakes: Video, Flyer
  • Underwriting Process/Operations: Presentation

Past topics

Priority Income ProtectionSM Underwriting

Priority Income ProtectionSM covers accident or sickness that occurs off the job and is not caused by or related to any employment.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Working at least 30 hours per week
  • Age 18-61
  • Annual income of at least $15,000
  • Employees who have been with their current employer for at least 6 months
  • Self-employed individuals who have been in business for at least 6 months

Issue Age

Based on the age of the applicant on the date the application is signed.

Simplified Underwriting

  • Electronic or paper application
  • Pharmaceutical check only
  • No medical exams or Attending Physician's Statements (APS)
  • Random Personal Health Interviews (PHI)
  • No occupation classes
  • No financial documentation required
  • No exclusions or rates ups
  • Underwriting outcomes are Standard (Tobacco or Nontobacco) or Decline

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Disability Income Choice Portfolio® Underwriting

Our goal is to provide the best possible offer of disability insurance to help protect your client’s income. Each case is carefully evaluated based on three underwriting criteria:
  • Occupation
    Depending on your client’s job duties, we’ll designate an occupation risk class. We offer seven risk classes that cover many occupations not insured by other carriers.
  • Health
    A health interview and medical tests may be required depending on the benefits applied for. Even if your client has medical conditions, we may still be able to offer coverage with some restrictions.
  • Income
    Financial underwriting determines your client’s income in order to set the policy’s maximum monthly benefit. The benefit amount should help maintain lifestyle when needed, but also provide an incentive to return to work.


  • Working 30+ hours per week
  • Issue ages 18-61 (ages 20-59, Business Overhead Expense)
  • Annual income of at least $15,000
Small Business (Multi-life)
  • W-2 employee, working 30+ hours per week
  • Issue ages 18-70 (ages 18-61, Accident Only)

Underwriting Programs

  • Simplified up to $3,000 monthly benefit - Individual Accident only, Short-Term
  • Fully underwritten - Individual Accident only, Short-Term, Long-Term, Business Overhead Expense
  • Guaranteed Standard Issue (Multi-life) - Accident only, Short-Term, Long-Term
  • Express Standard Issue (Multi-life) - Accident only, Short-Term, Long-Term

Multi-Life Underwriting

Our multi-life coordinators will assist you with your small business employee benefits cases. Contact them for help with:

  • Case Quoting
  • Group Approval
  • Multi-life Inquiries

Phone: 877-778-0838
Fax: 402-997-1893

Hours: 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central time Monday – Friday

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