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Simple, Affordable, Fast

Priority Income ProtectionSM offers your clients easy-to-understand coverage at an affordable just days. No medical exams or doctors' information required. No occupation classes.

A simplified e-application provides certainty, simplicity and value at the point of sale. No more guessing if your client qualifies – no rate-ups or exclusions. It's just that simple.

Product Advantages

Priority Income ProtectionSM helps you serve your middle income clients who have no current income protection and simply need basic coverage. The policy can also supplement existing group coverage to help clients complete their protection needs.

  • Simple product, easy to understand (no riders)
  • Affordable, clients choose their benefit amount and period to help fit cost to their budget
  • Convenient, easy quote and e-App with knock-out questions, no medical exams or financial documentation required
  • Fast protection, policies are issued in just a few days
  • Inclusive, no occupation classes
  • Predictable, coverage is issued as applied for (no exclusions, rate ups)
  • Portable, protection is owned by your client, not tied to their current job
Income ProtectionSM
Issue Ages



To age 65

Maximum Monthly Benefit


Elimination Period

30 days/90 days (accident/sickness)

Monthly Benefit Amounts

$300 - $4,000 (in $100 increments)
(up to 70% of net income)

Benefit Periods

12, 24, 36 months

Premium Structure

Unisex (Tobacco/Nontobacco)

  • Total/Partial Disability
  • Recurrent Disability
  • Waiver of Premium

* Guaranteed renewable as long as premiums are paid.



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