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Critical AdvantageSM Portfolio

The Critical Advantage portfolio brings the three, direct payment products of Critical Illness, Cancer, and Heart Attack & Stroke insurance into one family. From a consumer perspective, this full-scale portfolio offers numerous price points and options to fit almost any situation or budget.

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Critical Advantage products pay a lump sum benefit upon diagnosis, making them a streamlined accompaniment to existing health or disability insurance. The lump sum can be used any way the insured chooses:

Replace lost income

Health insurance deductibles or copayments

Household expenses like mortgage payments, groceries and utilities

Travel to receive treatment

Product Advantages

Critical Illness, Cancer & Heart Attack/Stroke policies are a perfect fit for those looking to fill the gap between existing insurance and medical bills or living expenses.

Simple Concept

Pays a lump-sum benefit upon diagnosis so the insured knows the benefit amount available at claim

Easy to Sell

With limited underwriting across all three products, you can offer streamlined application experience for your clients.



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